Transportation Registration Deadline Approaching

Register before Aug. 1 to ensure service on the first day of school. Registrations received after Aug. 1 may not be processed until after Sept. 18 and will experience delays of two to three weeks before they can ride the bus.

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Staff Directory


Principal - Glen Brooker

Assistant Principal - Stacy-Ann Pothier

Office Staff

Secretary III - Bev Montieth

Child Development Advisor - Nicole Borsato

Secretary II - Susan Yaceyko

Grade Five

5.1 Homeroom - Chris Munson

5.2 Homeroom - Tara Myden

5.3 Homeroom - Erin Carriere

5.7/6.7 Homeroom - Vanessa Berry

5.5FI Homeroom - Erin Mahaffey

5.6/6.6 Homeroom - Alyssa Armstrong

Grade Six

6.1 Homeroom - Kari Lee

6.2 Homeroom - Elaine Angus

6.3 Homeroom - Nadene Kryway

6.4 Homeroom - Marnie Sheirick

6.5FI Homeroom - Semia Charfeddine

Grade Seven

7.1 Homeroom - Jennifer Maguire

7.2 Homeroom - Sarah Anderson

7.3 Homeroom - Lars Nilsson

7.5FI Homeroom - Sarah Chung

7.5FI Homeroom - Thomas St. Clair

Grade Eight

8.1 Homeroom - Sunita Bhardwaj

8.2 Homeroom - Heather Lyons

8.3 Homeroom - Jennifer Coffin

8.5FI Homeroom - Nicole Walls


Band/Music - Verna Ahner

Physical Education - Lawrence Lee

Art - Shauna Krush

Student Support

Learning Support - Lana DeSchutter

FI Learning Support - Nicole Walls

Child Development Advisor - Nicole Borsato

Learning Support - Tamara Smith

Learning Support - Laveleen Gakhal

Learning Support - Atthar Mahmood

Learning Support - Elsa Roets

Learning Support - Marika Auclair

Learning Commons

Learning Commons - Chantal de Medeiros


School Technologist - Dirk Rotzal

Building Maintenance and Caretaking

Head Building Operator - Ken Williams

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.